Aero chair for pedicure
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AERO pedicure treatment chair.

Pedicure treatment chair Aero in black white color combination

We proudly present you with the new Pedicure treatment chair Aero.
The name Aero stands for all that has to do with comfort and luxury ... and is literally and figuratively the highlight of modern medical foot care.

All that a foot care chair should have has Aero. A foot height of not less than 140 cm! Finally, special treatments can be performed without overloading the muscles of the neck or shoulders.

All body contours are padded and supported in an ergonomic manner. Aero has an ergonomically retracted headrest with a soft pillow.
Aero has retractable legs and can be swiveled 90 degrees. Armrests can easily be used by the client to get in and out, withstands loads of up to 150 kg. Armrests can also be folded up for lateral entry.
Older clients can use the chair without problems, as the Aero treatment chair has a very low entrance height of only 54 cm.

High quality PU synthetic leather is used for the chair, which is very resistant to UV light and various chemicals.

Aero only needs one engine to set all desired positions. From the seat to the trendelenburg stands and from trendelenburg stands to the lean position and all this with 1 button.
Maximum height in tilt position 140 cm
Minimum entry height 54 cm
Width 57 cm without armrests and with armrests 77 cm
172 cm long + 12 cm extended leg profile + 12 cm with extended neck support.
The total length of Aero is 196 cm.
The load on this treatment chair is 250 kg.
The Aero treatment chair is available in more than 80 colors on request. For other color choices, delivery time will be + 10 weeks.

A special holder for flexible collection tray can be purchased, which can be inserted at the end of the leg section.
Clinical chair can also be purchased in the same color scheme.
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The Aero treatment chair is provided with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on motor and electronics.

The Aero treatment chair is available in more than 80 colors on request. Other color choices will be delivery time of + 10 weeks.