Bella Care
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Bella Care is a device for photobiostimulation for
face and décolleté. Bella Care is easy to set and use, it has a comfortable
seat, and gives to customer a beautiful experience of rejuvenating light. The
powerful lamps emitting light at 633nm stimulates the collagen.

The photobiostimulation uses light to activate the collagen synthesis with the
consequent an anti-ageing effect on skin. It is an absolute natural process,
based on the fact that our body’s cells (included skin),contain light absorbent

Depending on the absorbed light wave length, there are different specific
mechanisms of biological feedbacks. Many scientific studies demonstrate that
a selective light at 633nm stimulates a development of cells activity and
consequently an increase of collagen production. Perfect result with an
natural process. That’s the beginning of the photo-rejuvenation.

A younger face
Equipped with 4 high power lamps, activator of collagen, these lamps emits a
selective light at 633nm, Bella Care is for the photobiostimulation for face
and décolleté. Thanks to the essential design with open styling, that avoids
unpleasant sensation of claustrophobia, low power consumptions, easily
accessible control console, wide anti-glare LCD, Bella Care is the best answer
to the most various beauty centers demands. In addition to all that, the stereo
radio and aroma diffuser - as optional - offers a pleasant and effective session for an ever younger face