Bielenda Raspberry body serum with BIO-Caffeine Guarana 175ml
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slimming, detox, cellulite prevention.

Active ingredients:
Bio-caffeine Brazilian Guarana
Extract from raspberries
Centella Asiatica
Green tea extract
hyaluronic acid
Avocado oil

• helps reduce cellulite
• prevents symptoms of cellulite
• supports lipolysis (fat breakdown)
• prevents lipogenesis (the process of regenerating fat in adipocytes)
• Stimulates microcirculation and cell metabolism
• stimulate the secretion of toxins and water from the body
• effectively organizes the body
• Improves skin firmness and elasticity
• nourishes and moisturizes
• antioxidant properties.

ATTENTION! After application of serum, it may appear hot, tingling and reddening of the skin for up to 60 minutes. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Capacity: 175 ml