Electric nail file MARATHON K38
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Milling machine MARATHON K38

Nice design and designed so the milling machine is a real pleasure to work with.

The base unit has built a Li-ION battery with a capacity of 1800 mA, which makes it possible to work 4 to 8 hours without power. This allows the device to be used on the train, on the road or at any location without access to a power source.

The machine is incredibly easy to use, clear and easy-to-read control panel, 5, 71 mNm (Newton meter), which allows full power already at minimum speed. Milling machine is very quiet and free of vibration.

The package contains: - main crop - milling base - foot drives - Silicone holder for headpiece - power cord - AC power supply

Specifications: - Power supply 100-220 V / 50-60Hz 60W. - torque of 5.71 mNm - Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 1800mA, which guarantees uninterrupted service life from 4 to 8 hours without external power supply - charging time 3 hours - ergonomic design - right and left speed - smooth speed control in the range 0-30 thousand. - 2.32 mm diameter milling machine