Item 35410994 Cosmetic Suite Queen VII Fully Electric in white
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Delivery Includes:
1 x Fully Electric ( 4 Motor ) Cosmetic Bed  Queen VII in White Color
1 x Aroma-Essential Oil Steamer with Ozone Function, 8 Steam Settings and 60 Minute Timer
1 x Cosmetic chair / stool  X in White with Backrest
1 x Beauty Trolley X in White Color
1 x Magnifying Lamp I  With 3 Dioptrer
1 x Facial Brush II With 9 Attachments

Fully Electronic ( 4 Engine ) Cosmetic Bed Queen VII
The luxurious QUEEN VII Cosmetic Bed is one of our most popular products.  The fully electric bed is equipped with 4 motors; one for the footrest, one for the back, one to adjust the height and one to place the bed in an upward angular position.  There is a face hole and a removable face cushion,  the bed reclines to the fully horizontal position and the removable armrests automatically adjust themselves as the bed changes position. The headrest and footrest are extendable.  The thick (11cm) heat sensitive cushions are covered with thick (1,3mm) soft, easy to clean, synthetic leather upholstery.

Cosmetic Bed Queen VII Measurements:

  • Length: 193 - 218 cm
  • Width  58 cm without armrests/ 85 cm with armrests 
  • Height: 65 cm to 91 cm
  • Weight of Bed: ca. 85 kg

Facial Brush  II with 9 Attachments
Used for deep cleansing and removal of dead skin cells and for applying various creams and liquids. Helps improve blood circulation and aids metabolism of the skin. Can be used with or without liquids. Use slow speeds on dry, sensitive skin and faster speeds on coarse, thick skin. Replacement parts are available.

Aroma/Herbal/Essential Oil Facial Steamer V with Ozone Function, 8 Steam Settings and 60 Minute Timer
Steaming provides the foundation for many cosmetic procedures and a quality facial steamer is a necessity in every professional studio.  The Soleni Aroma/Herbal/Essential Oil Facial Steamer V has an ozone function to sterilize the steam and help to disinfect the skin. There are 8 steam settings that are controlled by a computerized touch screen control panel. The height can  be adjusted up or down and the spray nozzle can make a 360 degree turn.

  • Volume of Water Tank: approx.. 750 ml
  • Duration of a Full Tank: approx. 55 Min.


Magnifying Lamp  I with 3 Diopter
The Soleni Magnifying Lamp I provides optimal illumination of the skin with a viewing enlargement of 75% more that possible with the naked eye.  It aids in the viewing and treatment of various skin conditions. It has its own 4 wheel stand and the adjustable arm has a wide swivel range as well as the abiliy to move up and down.  It comes equipped with a lens protector and a 22 watt low heat ring light tube. Replacement parts are available. 

Cosmetic Stool  X
This Soleni Cosmetic Stool X was designed with comfort, elegance and function in mind.  It has 5 sturdy plastic wheels, safety brakes and can make a complete 360 degree turn. The height is adjustable. Available in a variety of popular colors, including white as shown,

Cosmetic Stool X  Details:


  • Seat Dimension34 cm
  • Height: 45 - 63 cm
  • Weight:8 kg.


Beauty Trolley X with Lockable Drawer
The Soleni Beauty Trolley X is a rolling 4 wheel trolley that is functional and a pleasure look at. It has a single lockable drawer and 3 shelves.

Beauty Trolley X Details:


  • Height : 84,5 cm
  • Width : 57,5 cm
  • Depth : 46 cm
  • Shelf: 48,5 cm x 34,5 cm
  • Weight : 18 kg.

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