Item 8511121 Cosmetology Cab IX
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Cosmetology Cabin Queen IX.

The eyes say yes. Maven says yes. The head says yes. The heart says yes. Cosmetology cabin Queen IX COMFORT is the ultimate choice. The latest technology and the highest comfort are timeless and elegant design - a masterpiece of harmony of form and function. Treats Chair Queen IX. Fire smooth-running engines engines enables adjustment of seat height, foot section and the main body and tilt the seat - all conveniently via remote control.

In addition, our top model 100 degree rotatable right and left. Small cap, high weight. The result: optimum durability.

Foot section can be lowered throughout the 90 degrees and the seat min. height is only 54 cm, giving customers a comfortable entering both front and side. Likewise, all COMFORT models have Queen IX medcinsk leather.  

The cabin also consists of:

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