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Designed and recommended for acne skin care, and skin prone to discoloration and require hydration, nutrition and above all, regeneration of damaged skin. Has antibacterial, antiseptic and gently exfoliating. Helps in the fight against global acne and hyperpigmentation.


Snail Serection file tree
Extract of snail slime helix aspersa or Kryptozyna include:
Allantoin (allantoin -. Urea derivative, the effect is highly moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory. Softens and smoothes the skin and protecting against harmful external factors. Accelerates wound healing.)

Glicolic Acid
(Glycolic acid is the main responsible for slowing down the digestion process space of the skin by restoring elastic fibers / increase the production of collagen fibers and fluid accumulation in the skin. Accelerates cell renewal, softens and smoothes the skin and improves its texture. It also causes a reduction in wrinkles, visible scars and blemishes. also helps the secretion of sebum and narrows the sebaceous glands).

soluble Collagen
(Collagen is responsible for maintaining an adequate level of hydration of the skin, improves elasticity and firmness.)

hydrolyzed Elastin
(Elastin gives the skin elasticity and flexibility. Regenerate and restores vitality to the skin.)

Vitamins A, C and E
(Have a lot of nutritional and regenerative properties)

How to use:
The ampoules are used for treatment with Dermaroller for sonophoresis, ultrasound, pins, nålefri- mesotherapy. Can be used topically in the home. Applied to cleansed face and neck.
Contains: 10x3 ml