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Microneedle PEN is a modern device for micro needle mesotherapy used to regenerate skin, eliminating wrinkles and treatment of scars and stretch marks reduction. ,, Pen "faster, better, and at the same time in a less painful regenerates, heals and eliminates skin imperfections. It allows the introduction of active ingredients into the skin puncturing it with a pulsating needles.

What is the treatment?
Microneedle PEN stimulates the natural regenerative capacity of the human body. "Pen" in a controlled manner punctures the skin, it launches processes autoodnowy, or the proliferation of collagen and elastin. Its micro needles penetrate to a depth of 2.5 mm, which further enables the absorption of active substances into the skin. Thanks complexion in an unprecedented pace regains a healthy and youthful appearance.

Confirmed operation Microneedle PEN include:
- Smoothing of wrinkles
- Skin regeneration
- Shortness of acne scars
- Eliminating stretch marks
- Reduction of scarring (reduction of skin imperfections)
- A decrease of pores
- Preventing baldness

The device works wirelessly and on the cable, the kit comes with a charger, two lithium batteries and solidly constructed case the images shown. It has 5 modes with different frequencies punctures.

-number of needles: 12
-This unit is made of stainless steel
-przedział regulation of needle length: 0.25 mm - 2.5 mm
-weight 56 g
mains frequency punctures 6500-10000 rev / min
-5 modes frequency
-time work after charging: 3 hours
-German engine
-The size of the pen: 12x18x155mm
-2 lithium batteries
-time required to charge the battery: 75min
-This unit is CE
-okres guarantee of 12 months.

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