Item S96551541 Vibrating massagager F-833
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Modern body massage equipped with 5 interchangeable vibratory heads. Base with wheels to facilitate the unit mobility.

Applicator 1: Silicone round-shaped applicator with long prong to
apply massage in great depth. Use it at low speed (between the
levels 1 and 2). In order to stimulate the epidermis, equipment
should be used at a maximum speed (level 5).

Appliactor 2: Silicone round-shaped applicator with multiple short
prongs that works at the epidermis depth. Suitable for stimulation,
exfoliation, vasodilation and revitalisation massage treatments. It
is used on the back, thighs and buttocks. It is recommended to use
it at a level 5. It prepares the skin so as to facilitate the penetration
of slimming lotions and body oils. It is applied on sporting

treatments before exercising because of its hyperemiant action
locally generated with the massage (levels 4 and 5).

Applicator 3: Smooth and versatile sponge circular applicator
conceived for sensitive parts of the body. It applies a soft and light
massage. It is used before and after starting treatments to prepare
the tissues and release tension. The recommended speed levels
are between the 3 and 5. Use a fibre or paper disposable case so as
to cover the applicator during the session.

Applicator 4: Rubber square-shaped applicator with 4 half balls.
Ideal for massage on shoulders, back, thighs and buttocks. Speed
levels 1, 2 and 3.

Applicator 5: V-shaped sponge applicator suitable for working the
shoulders, neck, back, legs and knees zones. It is appropriated for
relaxing treatments so as to combat daily stress. Use a fibre or
paper disposable case to cover the applicator during the session.
Use this applicator at speed levels 2, 3 and 4.

Speed levels
The equipment consists of 5 speed levels. The lower the frequency is, the deeper the mechanical waves
act. The lowest speed levels are recommended for muscular and hypodermic stimulation. The highest
levels act on the epidermis.

Speed level 1: Approximately 13 Hz. It acts on the hypodermis and the deep layer of the dermis (muscular
Speed level 2: Approximately 17 Hz. It acts on arteries and veins and on the lymphatic and nervous
Speed level 3: Approximately 22 Hz. It acts on the dermis layer.
Speed level 4: Approximately 28 Hz. It acts on the dermis layer.
Speed level 5: Approximately 40 Hz. It acts on the epidermis layer.

It acts on the basal or germ layer. It stimulates the cellular proliferation and eliminates the cutaneous


Epidermis: The outermost layer af cells in the skin. It is composed og 4 layers named (from the outermost to the lowermost): cornifield, translucent, granular, spinous and germ layers. Dead cells are localised in this layer.

Dermis: Medium layer responsible for skin resistance and elasticity. Collagen, elastine, blod and lymph vessels, veins and arteries.

Hypodermis: Subcutaneus tissue is the lowermost layer. Adipose cells.


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