Item SW10595 Brush Unit III
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Frimator device III

Brush Unit III is produsert in Germany and has a removable handle on the handpiece. This makes it possible to keep the handpiece like a pencil and use the other hand to the ergonomically shaped handle.

For deep cleaning of the skin of the face, neck and chest, the removal of dead skin cells and makeup residue. Is also used to massage the face, neck and the body, and to stimulate blood circulation. Hastigheten of the handpiece can be regulated continuously.

Hastighet: 200-700 rev / min.
Power: 30 W
Dimensjoner on kontrolldelen: W 114 x H 86 x D 183 mm
Hand unit: Ø 33 mm, length 148 mm, weight: 260 g


1 x Soleni brush unit III with 3 brush heads (geddehår 20 mm, geddehår 45 mm, grinding stones 45 mm)

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