Mesotherapy Gun NANO
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Mesotherapy nanoneedle gun

Gun for mesotherapy Nano uses innovative and advanced technology of drug administration. Unlike mesotherapy guns that use needles, you need a multi-pin microprocessor to deliver the necessary nutrients and reach the subcutaneous layer under high pressure from a gun. The use of fine needle head microcrystalline causes penetration into the skin, giving the active ingredient nutrition. Thus, it can regenerate aging skin collagen birth, relieve wrinkles and stains, improve skin color and technology with RF + EMS helping facelift.
1. Nano needles can make the products penetrate the deeper parts of the skin without damaging it without side effects, safe to use.
2. Deep penetration of nutrients, strengthens the skin structure.
3. It helps reduce wrinkles and imperfections
4. Nano needles increase the synthesis of collagen, resulting in skin rejuvenation.
5. Nano Chip for the introduction of active ingredients fits the skin and is 100% safe.
1. Lifting the face and reducing wrinkles
2. Bleaching and Hydration
3. Skin rejuvenation;
4. Pray the face oval
RF frequency: 2-4MHz
frequency EMS: 1-2MHz