Nghiem EXPORT Cuticle C-04 JAW 16
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Professional Cuticle Nghiem EXPORT C-04 (16 gauge)

Professional Cuticle stainless steel double-sided spring
for precise cutting skins. Available sizes
of jaws 12 (4 mm), 14 (5 mm), 16 (6mm). With the method of connecting the jaw Lap Joint
(which minimizes the wear of the material and the potential for
backlash in comparison with other joining methods) clippers provide
ideal job for a long time. Pliers have a specially contoured
handle (the classic type), which provides high precision, convenience
and comfort.

- the size of the blade 16 (6 mm)
- made of stainless steel INOX
- specially shaped handle that provides high 
  accuracy, convenience and comfort
- joining method jaws Lap Joint (not allowing)
- type spring: double-sided, mounted on the screw made of stainless steel
- clippers total length: 10.5 cm
- can be disinfected and sterilized by any means
(chemical, thermal, chemical-thermal)
- weight: 40g