Nghiem EXPORT last P-07
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NGHIA EXPORT P-07 Manicure / Pedicure

The tool is used to repel the adjoining epidermis perimembrane from the nail plate.
- made of light-burned stainless steel INOX, used for the manufacture of surgical instruments
- has two grooved ends, different blade widths (6 mm and 10 mm).
- Disinfected and sterilized using methods (chemical or thermal)
- last length: 13.7 cm
- weight: 31 g
Sterilization tools autoclave and disinfection in chemical conditions *

* AUTOCLAVE - BASIC TERMIZATION TEMP. 121 ° C at 15 min., Temp. In special cases, INOX steel can be damaged, destroyed and result in discoloration and mining.

Do not use the manufacturer's recommendations (for high resolution, long disinfection) as this may cause the metabolism of METAL and cause damage and discoloration.