Sun Technologies has several payment options:

Bank transfer:

Paid to the Danish Bank

DKK / Danish Kroner
Account: 3543662054
SWIFT: DABADKKK IBAN: DK2930003543662054

GBP / British pound
Account: 35434779801624
SWIFT: DABADKKK IBAN: DK7830004779801624

SEK/Swedish Kroner
Konto: 4779791556
SWIFT: DABADKKK IBAN: DK2330004779791556


Credit Card: The amount is deducted on your credit card after shipment. For non stock items or items we have to produce, we deduct your credir card within 7 days from ordering. You, the customer, pay fees associated with credit card use, typically up to about 3%

Retention: Right to ordered goods passes to the buyer when the full amount is paid. Sun Technologies ApS - Soleni Beauty Grou can always pick up the goods not paid without prior notice.