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 A wide range of auxiliary accessories: adhesives, silicone pads, brushes for smoothing the eyelashes, three types of tweezers to accelerate and facilitate the work. We offer a wide range of eyelashes of different lengths, thicknesses, resistant to water, sweat and tears, allowing to obtain a spectacular effect of thickening and lengthening eyelashes using eyelash FOR LASHES . This method visually enlarges, gives clarity eyes and provides power seductress look.

The zestawui includes:
 * Stone base adhesive,
 * Eyelash glue ULTRA BONDING 10ml
 * Medical patch
 * Silicone pad
 * Mascara remover
 * Eyelash primer for degreasing
 * Eyelash brush type Mascara
 * Tweezers, eyelash
 * Eyelashes J-0.15 x 10mm 0.25g
 * Eyelashes J-0.15 x 15mm 0.25g
 * Eyelashes J-0.15 x 14mm 0.25g