SYIS - LASHES C 0.25g 14mm 0,20x
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Professional eyelashes an intense black made of high quality synthetic fiber  resistant  to any kind of pressure marks and water.
Eyelashes longer and thicker by 50% without mascara!
- eyelash length 14mm
- thickness 0.20 mm eyelashes
- eyelashes form C
What makes synthetic eyelashes SYIS?
- long-lasting effect naturally extended and thickened lashes without using mascara
- wide range of thickness and the length and shape of the eyelashes
- they are resistant to water, heat and pressure sores
- painless application without compromising the natural eyelashes and eyelids

SYIS products for extending and thickening eyelashes eyelashes allow the application method 1: 1.  It involves sticking a precision single, synthetic natural lashes each. After extended eyelashes do not seem artificially stuck on. This spectacular effect lasts approx. 4 weeks, the period of life the natural lashes. SYIS eyelashes are completely safe because they are not affixed to the eyelid.