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 3 motor chair for foot care PLANT 

 Electric file with suction MAGIC PEDI LUX 

 Electric massage couch with 1 engine. 

 Facial beauty couch Queen V-1 COMFORT 

 Item 35410950 Facial steamer and ozone 

 Item 35460948 Facial bed Queen VII COMFORT 

The luxurious QUEEN VII Cosmetic Bed is one of our most popular products.  The fully electric bed is equipped with 4 motors; one for the footrest, one for the back, one to adjust the height and one to place the bed in an upward angular position....

 Item 37410935 footcare chair Queen FOOT III Comfort 

 Item A113192 SYIS - Microneedle PEN 

 Spa treatment chair AZZURRO 4 838 

 Steam machine V 

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