Wide choice of instrument and clinic tables for your business.

High-quality trolleys, hospital tables in various flavors and forms of individual needs can be found here. Many of our tables are produced in our factory in Germany. These tables meet the highest quality standards and are subjected to inter control before shipment. Our own production is only available from us as a manufacturer in this form and quality.

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 Footcare troley 1 


 Item 35410965 Klinikbord X i hvid 

 Item 50410957 Bord III-1 i hvid 

 Item 50410960 Bord I med skuffe Hvid 

 Item 50410961 Bord II med hylder Hvid 

 Item 50410962 Bord VI Gul/Sølvgrå 

 Item 50410963 Bord VI Orange/Sølvgrå 

 Item 9971841532 Royal Arbejdsbord I-2 Glas Skuffe sort 

 Item 9971841533 Royal Arbejdsbord I-3 Skuffe sort 

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