UVC Sterilizer
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Device for disinfection of UV-C TIMER has a simple structure and small dimensions.
Of the device during use UV-C radiation having a wavelength of 254 nm that destroy vegetative forms of microorganisms. It is a device to dry disinfection (UV-C) without the use of chemical solutions and there is no risk of overdose. Tools should be washed and dried. Composite construction elements should be fully opened and dismantled, to ultraviolet light, covered the entire surface. Disinfection is effective as UV-C rays fall directly onto the element.
- 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
- power 3W
- capacity within the device 9 L
- the weight of the package 2.5 kg
Other information:
1. The device has an aluminum sterilization chamber
2. The casing is made of high quality material, resistant to corrosive agents.
3. The AP has an independent switch ultraviolet light when the door is open, the light goes off automatically. After closing the door, the light illuminates
4. The use of special glass prevents the escape of UV light